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Parents' Evening - Thursday 7 December 2017

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Higher Tier Scheme of Work 2017-18

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Week 1 Mon (P4) Tue (P5) Wed (P1) Fri (P1)
Week 2 Mon (P4) Tue (P4) Wed (P1) Fri (P5)
Wk1  04 Sep Staff Preparation Day Staff Preparation Day With Learning Mentors Review of Basic Arithmetic
Wk2  11 Sep Decimals - 4 Rules of Arithmetic Prime Factors - HCFs, LCMs HCF and LCM Problem Solving Mixed Number Arithmetic
Wk1  18 Sep Recurring Decimals to Fractions Intro to Household Finance Intro to Percentages Advanced Percentages
Wk2  25 Sep Percentages - Problem Solving Upper & Lower Bounds - Estimating Bounds - Problem Solving Staff In-Service Day
Wk1  02 Oct Science Trip Review of Bounds Homework Angle Facts Angles of Polygons
Wk2  09 Oct Bearings Angles - Problem Solving Choosing from Lists  + Revision Term 1 Assessment
Wk1  16 Oct Review of Term 1 Assessment Basic Algebra Expansions Factorising
October Half Term Holiday
Wk2  30 Oct   Bar Charts, Pictograms, Line Charts Pie Charts - Scattergraphs Stem Leaf - Box Plots
Wk1  06 Nov Histograms Cumulative Frequency Estimating Mean Data - Consolidation of Techniques
Wk2  13 Nov        
Wk1  20 Nov        
Wk2  27 Nov        
Wk1  04 Dec        
Wk2  11 Dec        
Christmas Holiday
Wk1  01 Jan Christmas Holiday Christmas Holiday    
Wk2  08 Jan        
Wk1  15 Jan        
Wk2  22 Jan        
Wk1  29 Jan        
Wk2  05 Feb        
February Half Term Holiday
Wk1  19 Feb        
Wk2  26 Feb        
Wk1  05 Mar        
Wk2  12 Mar        
Wk1  19 Mar        
Wk2  26 Mar       Good Friday Holiday
Easter Holiday

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